Canadian Youth Talent Showdown 2017

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  • I certify that all the information given by the Contestant and by me is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

  • Contest Rules & Regulations 

    TD Canadian Youth Talent Showdown (hereinafter called “Contest”), is organized by the Vancouver Chinatown BIA Society (VCBIA), (hereinafter called “the Organizers”) located at 106 Keefer Street, Vancouver, B.C. This is an opportunity for talented youths (hereinafter  called “Contestants”) to gain exposure and experience in live performance. 
    A. Eligibility
    • Contest is open to any legal resident of British Columbia between the ages of 13 and 20 on August 13, 2017.
    • A performance must not be longer than five minutes. Any performance not suitable for a family audience and/or contains profane language, swearing, or any suggestive lyrics or actions, will be disqualified. Acts using machetes, knives, fire, and/or pyrotechnics, cannot enter. Only limited audio/visual equipments are available. Contestants are responsible for providing all other equipments needed.
    • Completed application forms and a non-refundable fee of CAD$20 must be received by VCBIA by the application deadline.
    • A contestant may not enter the competition if he/she has participated in  the Youth Talent Showdown  for 3 or more consecutive years. 
    • No purchase is necessary.

    B. Procedures
    Step I: Application (deadline by June 26, 5PM)
    The Application Form must be completed and signed by the Contestant, and, if any, the Nominator, and the Contestant's Legal Guardian/Parent if Contestant is under 19. Completed Application Form and a non-refundable application fee of CAD$20 must be submitted by 5PM, June 26, via mail or in person (please do not mail cash) to: Vancouver Chinatown BIA Society, 106 Keefer Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6A 1X4 Tel: 604-632-3808 Fax: 604-632-3809 E-mail:
    Step II: Audition (Saturday July 8, 12noon — 5pm @ Vancouver Chinatown BIA Society)
    All received applications will be contacted for an assigned audition time. Contestants must bring valid proof of age and photo identification (e.g. GoCard, Student I.D. Card, etc.) to the Auditions.
    Step III: Finals (Sunday August 13, 3pm)
    The Ten Finalists* may choose to perform a different act than was performed in the Preliminaries. Finals will be held on Sunday, August 13, on stage at TD Vancouver Chinatown Festival. A panel of judges will select Three Winners from the Ten Finalists*. The odds of winning will vary according to the number of entries received. * The number of finalists is subjected to change according to judges and the festival committee.
    C. Judging
    Members of the Judging Panel will be selected at the sole and absolute discretion of VCBIA. Contestants will be judged on i) Quality of Performance; ii) Stage Presence; and iii) Appropriateness of Dress or Costume. Judges will break all ties if necessary. Score sheets will not be available for review. All decisions of the judges are final.
    D. Prizes
    First place winner may win a prize consisting $500 cash, a trophy and gifts (the “Prize”). Second place winner may win a prize consisting $300 cash, a trophy and gifts (the “Prize”). Third place winner may win a prize consisting $200 cash, a trophy and gifts (the “Prize”). People’s Choice Award winner may win a prize consisting $100 cash and a trophy (the “Prize”). Best Fashion Flair Award winner may win a prize consisting a trophy (the "Prize"). In the event the winner is a group, any cash and prizes won by the group will be split amongst all members of the winning group. All awarded non-cash prizes may not be sold and are not redeemable for cash.
  • Release and Waivers

    As a condition of being permitted to compete in TD Canadian Youth Talent Showdown 2017, (hereinafter called “Contest”), I, the undersigned contestant, acknowledge compliance with, and agree to be bound by, the Rules and Regulations (which may be amended or varied at any time without notice), and the following:
    i. I agree, on behalf of myself, or as the legal guardian of the minor Contestant, to indemnify, save harmless and release the Organizers (VCBIA, TD Canadian Youth Talent Showdown Committee and the City of Vancouver), their Board of Directors, employees, volunteers, contractors, agents, sponsors, associates, successors, and assigns, from and against any and all losses, damages, rights, personal injuries, death, claims, demands, actions, causes of actions, suits, costs, expenses, liabilities, including, without limitation, rights of privacy and publicity, which the Contestant may suffer or incur as a result of the Contestant’s participation in the Contest, howsoever caused, and whatsoever that the Contestant, his/her heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other persons acting on the Contestant’s behalf or on behalf of the Contestant’s estate have or may have by the Contestant’s participation in the Contest.
    ii. I agree that the time, manner, and method of determination of the winner of the Contest, shall solely be within the discretion of the Organizers, and the Organizers reserve the right to substitute any and all prizes.
    iii. I understand that the Organizers reserve the right of final decision on any matters pertaining to TD Canadian Youth Talent Showdown that are not covered by the stated rules, including and not limited to, in the Organizers’ sole discretion, may disqualify any individual who is found to have tampered in any way with the operation of the Contest, and/or the right to cancel or suspend this Contest without any prior notice.
    iv. I also agree to participate in any promotional activities arranged by the Organizers and to obey the reasonable and lawful directions of the Organizers, and I am responsible for my own expenses as the result of my participation in the Contest.
    v. I irrevocably grant to VCBIA, perpetually, exclusively, and for all media throughout the world (including printing materials, internet and any other electronic medium presently in existence or invented in the future), the right to photograph/video tape, and use and incorporate (alone or together with other materials), in whole or inpart, photographs or video footage of me taken at my participation at TD Canadian Youth Talent Showdown, for purposes of publicizing, promoting or explaining the activities or events of the VCBIA or for any other lawful purpose, in the sole discretion of the VCBIA. VCBIA shall reserve the right to assign its rights hereunder, without my consent, in whole or in part, to any person, agent or corporation; and I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written or electronic copy, wherein my likeness appears. Additionally, I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the photographs or video footage. I agree that these materials will become the property of the VCBIA and the materials will be accessible to anyone with Internet access.
    vi. The Contest is subject to all applicable Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws. By entering this Contest, each Contestant consents to the collection, use and distribution of his/her personal information (information that identifies a Contestant as an individual and as a legal resident, such as SIN #, home telephone number, age and home address) by the Organizers for the purposes of implementing, administering and fulfilling this Contest.
    vii. The Contest is an entertainment focused event and the Organizers reserve the right to disqualify the Contest at any time. Costumes and performances must be approved by the Organizers, and the Organizers reserve the right to restrict and/or disqualify any performance deemed inappropriate (ie. inappropriate and/or undisclosed racial or religion content, discriminatory content of any kind, etc.)

    I hereby certify that I have read and understand the Rules and Regulations, the Release and Waivers, and I fully understand the contents and meaning, and I accept and agree to comply and abide with the foregoing terms and conditions of participation in TD Canadian Youth Talent Showdown.
  • Parent or Legal Guardian consent required below if the Contestant is UNDER 19 years of age

    The parent or legal guardian, who has reached the age of majority in his or her Province of residence, must confirm the entrant's acceptance of these rules and regulations. Any prize won by a minor must be awarded in the name of the Parent or Legal Guardian. I, hereby certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of the oversigned contestant, and do hereby give my consent and permission to the person named above, to participate in TD Canadian Youth Talent Showdown 2017, and give my consent without reservation to the foregoing on behalf of this person.