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Vancouver Chinatown

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TD Youth Talent Showdown


Aaron Yau

Aaron has been singing for 6 years and dancing for 5 years. When he is performing, he wants to use those times to blow people’s mind of how virtuosic and creative he is. The biggest challenge he ever faced was keeping up the endurance, exercising everyday and staying motivated. His future goal is to become a R&B singer.

Ava Frye

Ava has been singing and dancing for 10 years since she was 3 years old. She feels very happy to have the ability to make people smile and be happy with her during her shows. She was attracted to compete in Youth Talent Showdown because she likes Chinese culture and love mixing both Western and Asian themes in her music.

Boys at the Back

Boys at the Back

Boys at the Back is a band made of up 4 boys from Britannia Secondary school. They have been together for over a year. Their band plays top 40 songs and their favourite part about performing is the crowd and the adrenaline rush. The biggest challenge they have faced is the minimum rehearsal time.

Eagle Ho

Eagle Ho

Eagle says singing is enjoyable and it’s a source of expression that makes him feel really good and powerful. Music also gives him personality ever since he started singing at the age of 13. His guitar teacher has helped him the most through his journey.

Irene Lumayag

Irene’s favourite parts of singing are sharing her talent with everyone and make them happy as well as making her parents proud. She has been performing ever since she was 5 years old. Her biggest accomplishment was winning her very first competition, Vancouver Idol. Irene’s future goal is to finish university and eventually pursue into music.

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