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Happy New Year & Message to Members

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Happy New Year Chinatown BIA Members,

We wish everyone a prosperous and cozy new year in 2017!
As we are experiencing more snowfall this year, please be alert of any potential black ice and people of your surroundings on the streets and sidewalks.

The City of Vancouver (CoV) is also requesting to help spread the message for everyone's assistance to improve sidewalk conditions for pedestrians. Should any member have difficulty in obtaining salt, CoV is offering free salt in specified fire halls. It is recommended each member bring their own shovel and bucket to obtain the salt. Full details can be found on the City's link below.

Free salt can be found at the following fire stations:
Fire Hall #3 – 2801 Quebec Street
Fire Hall #4 – 1475 W. 10th Avenue
Fire Hall #7 – 1090 Haro Street
Fire Hall #12 – 2460 Balaclava Street
Fire Hall #13 – 4013 Prince Albert Street
Fire Hall #14 – 2804 Venables Street
Fire Hall #15 – 3003 E. 22nd Avenue
Fire Hall #17 – 7070 Knight Street
Fire Hall #19 – 4396 W. 12th Avenue
Fire Hall #22 – 1005 W. 59th Avenue

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