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March 13, 2020
September 2, 2020
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COVID-19 Advisory 新型冠狀病毒諮詢

Government of BC and City of Vancouver declare state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At this time of daily evolving situation of the COVID-19, we are closely monitoring the ongoing business impact, and also following updates from the Canadian Government on supporting efforts for businesses.

Together with other BIAs and business organizations, we are tracking the economic impact of COVID-19, and are advocating for a recovery strategy that will assist businesses locally.

Through BIABC, we are also advocating with the provincial government for solutions for small businesses.  We greatly appreciate the assistance and collaboration with all levels of government to support our local businesses and communities.

Here are some useful resources for economic and health information:

COVID-19 Impact Survey
We encourage you to fill up this survey, as BC Chamber of Commerce and Small Business BC have teamed up to learn the impact of COVID-19 on small business.

The Chinatown Stewardship Program will continue to provide services as garbage and needle pickups around business storefronts, except business check in, until further notice. For assistance, please contact 236.858.1567.

Easy Park will remain OPEN. The most updated information can be found on official website www.easypark.ca.

We are complying with government direction to limit social interactions at this time of crisis, and our office located at 106 Keefer Street is now temporarily closed.  Our team continues to maintain operations whilst working from home, and can be reached at the following communication channels:

We are here to support our members and our community. Feel free to share with us your needs and concerns at info@vanocuver-chinatown.com, and we will do our best to address them.

Stay safe, Stay Healthy!


Best regards,
Vancouver Chinatown BIA






通過卑詩省商業促進會(BIABC)我們亦倡導省政府為小型企業提供解決方案。 我們非常感謝與各級政府的合作,以及對本地企業和社區的支持。


我們鼓勵會員們填寫這份BC商會及Small Business BC提供問卷調查,以反映疫情對小型企業的影響。

Chinatown Stewardship Program 將會繼續提供商舖門前的垃圾及針筒清理服務,直至另行通知。如需協助,請致電 236.858.1567.

Easy Park 停車場將會維持開放。 最新消息可瀏覽網站 www.easypark.ca.

我們亦遵從政府的指示保持社交距離。位於奇化街 106號的華埠商業促進會辦公室現已暫時關閉。我們的團隊將繼續在家工作以維持日常運作。如有任何疑慮,請與我們聯絡,我們將盡力提供協助。

請注意安全, 保重身體!

華埠商業促進會  敬啟

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